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Who I am

lorenzo de carli - Civil and geo-environmental engineer

Technical Advisor

Technical advisor for design and installation of materials [cementitious and composite] and implementation of technological systems for structural monitoring, such as ‘Smart bridge’ and ‘Smart building’. Since 2002, I have been involved mainly in large public and private works. I have provided specialist technical advices for more than 2.000 projects, in both structural and architectural sectors, with over 5.000 solutions identified.


Experiences and professional qualifications

Civil and geo-environmental engineer, chartered member of Rimini Order. I am also professionally qualified to undertake the role of surveyor, architect and inspector (II level) for public works and strategic infrastructure. With over twenty years’ experience in project management on a wide range of schemes across the construction industry. I have built my knowledge working alongside Groups with impressive national and international reputation (Trevi, Pizzarotti, Mapei, Draco, Site and others) with attention to durable technical solution: particularly for the ‘Protection and repair of reinforced concrete structures", in compliance with international  standards UNI EN 1504, and corrosion protection of reinforcements in concrete using galvanic cathodic protection systems.


Full member of the MASTER _ Materials and Structures Testing and Research Association {magari qui l’indirizzo web} which enrols technicians certified according to UNI / PdR 56: 2019 accredited to perform
non-destructive tests and monitoring on new structures and existing buildings.

Since September 2022, as part of the New UNI/pdr Reference Practice for the qualification of technicians specialized in the Protection and repair of reinforced concrete structures, appointed Project leader of the technical commission, chaired by UNI and the Association Master MASTER _ Materials and structures testing and research. Host academics, researchers, technical managers of private companies, public bodies, government agencies and others specialists in this specific field .

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